Severe Nerve Damage

I had blood work done last week and met with a neurologist yesterday. Blood work showed no diabetes, but he put me on iron and B12 supplements.

He did a nerve conduction study and an Electromyography on both feet, lower legs and behind both knees, and my left hand. Results: Severe nerve damage everywhere he tested.

Cannot be fixed.

Iron and B12 supplements will help it from getting worse. He believes it originated in my lower back and is reviewing the MRI on my back from this summer and I see him again on December 5th. That’s all we know so far.

Nothing ever showed up on mri or ct scan. My symptoms were not nerve damage related. Could have started years ago. Could be my scoliosis. Can be controlled and hopefully help pain, but not fixed.

I’m ok. At least I know what I’m dealing with. I have confidence in this doctor.

~The Tennessee Poet~

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  1. Sorry to hear your report, Walt! Happy to hear that it can be controlled, as best they can. No fun being in paid. Reminds me of the old saying, “Old age is not for sissys”! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, My Friend!!!

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  2. I can’t say I feel your pain Walt but I feel your pain, as the saying goes you are a proper diamond a rock of courage, the fact that you take the time to reply and share with us your condition is part of the healing process if only we all that strong. Prayers and good wishes from this side of the pond.

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  3. Much love your way, my brother! ❤️ Ol’ Father Time comes for us all, even if we set our clocks back. Even at my brisk young age (of 50) everything hurts more than it used to hurt and I wake up and wonder, did I just get old?

    ((luckily I have friends and family who are kind enough to tell me not to worry; I got old years ago 😉 ))

    Keep on truckin’, Walt, as we used to say. The longer Father Time assails us, the longer we’re alive. 😁

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  4. You’ve accomplished two big things – finding out what is wrong and having a doctor you trust. I hope they can manage the pain for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers my friend. ❤


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