Halloween Hauntings: A Month Of October Prompts In One Day

Thanks once again to Michelle from
Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for her list of daily prompts for the month of October.
Please visit her site for her October list of daily prompts.

Halloween Hauntings

I’ve never liked Halloween. All those screaming children yelling “Trick
or Treat”! So I would put a small wooden coffin filled with candy on
my front porch. It had a sign that said:
Coffin candy
Take some if you dare!

I also had two coolers, one filled with Purple Plasma and the
other with Brimstone brew. The gnomes of Netherland, as
I called the children, would run up to the porch, their
Crystal Cloves clattering, and would be Time blown in the
zap zone from the invisible electric field I installed around the porch.
These Cloudy concoctions would send them to The labyrinth of
the leprechauns, where I could watch them Shiver and quiver as
they were covered with Wizard warts.

This fulfilled my Dim desires
at my home, The house of howls. I was the Keeper of the corpses,
and I loved hearing the Worrisome wailings of the Maggoty monsters
attending The Frankenstein feast.
Spastic and spoopy sang the Devil’s delight as all the Frothing
fairies and Nightmarish newts watched The trolls of twilight drinking
their Ogre orange wine. I loved hearing the Curdling cries as witches
rode The broom of doom, flinging Greasy grimy chauffeur guts at the crowd.

A Ziglet of zombies was fighting with the Cobweb cloaked coven of
Abhorrent apparitions. Clinky and clanky stood At the brink of the link,
as they enjoyed watching The Haunting of Harold Hemmings.

My name is Harold Hemmings and I approved this haunting.

The moral of this story: Let your writing take
you to places that you normally don’t go.

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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