This Is Me

This is me

The way I am

Love me or hate me

But don’t try to change me

I’ll treat you the same

As you treat me

I don’t really care

If you like me or not

If you have something to say

Say it to me

I don’t drop friends

Because we disagree

I’m a dreamer

A schemer

And I’m a believer

A writer

A Poet

A romantic senior

What I say to you

Comes from my heart

And if you are really listening

It comes from my soul

~The Tennessee Poet~

ยฉWalt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


24 thoughts on “This Is Me

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  1. Walt, I really love it when you tell it like it is!!!! Ha! That’s the way it should be, in my opinion! You say what you think and feel (without needing to be a jerk about it) and let the chips fall where they may!! Really a great post, My Friend! Perhaps, you may come to enjoy one of the saying I like – “Not Everybody Like You, But Not Everybody Matters!!!!”

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