Is This All Real?

Is this all real
These things we feel
Or truth and lies
From a moment’s pleasure
Where there’s smoke
There’s always fire
Is this love
Or just desire
Smoke and mirrors
Conceal the truth
But truth can be found
In the confession booth
Is it harmless flirting
Will she tease or please
Or is she planning to deceive
Only you know what you feel
Is it smoke and mirrors
Or is this real
When she gets down on her knees
Will it be to pray
Or will you be her prey
You might be lost
Or you might be found
The answer
Will be found in her eyes

~The Tennessee Poet~

ยฉWalt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


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      1. I’ll take a look! The girls and I have been traveling for almost 2 weeks… Thursday I gave up trying to post and just decided to enjoy time with family and friends. We left DC this morning and have one night in Baltimore before we finally head home

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