Nothing In Return

There was a time once
A time of youth
A time of strength
No fear
No stress
No fuss
No muss
I long for that time
Life was so easy
A time of rock and roll
When the music
Was loud and heavy
I close my eyes
And I remember
When I was
At the edge of heaven
While angels sang to my soul
But life isn’t fair
And the world can be mean
I am but a traveler
In this hurricane called life
I blame only myself
For the way I am
I’m at the point of no return
My darkest days
Are filled with silence
I will die
Trying to convince my shadow
That I am someone worth following
Everybody knows
That I feel it still
I hold on
To what might have been
If I ever feel better
I will let it happen
And ask for nothing in return

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


26 thoughts on “Nothing In Return

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  1. Walt, this is incredible! It may be my favorite piece of yours so far, but that is a hard call. I just love it! It is so incredibly sad, but also beautiful and so real. This line,” trying to convince my shadow I am someone worth following”….on my god, it is perfection! Beautiful Beautiful writing, Walt!

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