Someone Like You

Years have passed

Since you came


Into my life

Like a long lost melody

That was so familiar

So magical

And heartwarming

You seemed to have


Of you and I


Centuries ago

You knew so much

About me

And when I took your hand I knew

That I once loved

Someone like you

But more than that

I knew

That we had loved before

And I knew

That it was you

~The Tennessee Poet~

Β©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

54 thoughts on “Someone Like You

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  1. Kissimmee Walt made for beautiful people, Regards to Susan and family. Continuing to play catch up with posts which is a good complaint don’t you think? Enjoy the weekend.


  2. That is what I call eternal love!
    “I knew
    That we had loved before”
    It reminded me of the belief… “together for seven lives” or “being together for ages”
    May that be true! Lovely picture of your love Walt! Stay blessed together.

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  3. Walt, you are truly evolving, but in such a subtle way. It is beautiful to behold. No wonder you are getting published more and more places.

    “I knew
    That we had loved before”


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      1. At the time that mutual friends brought us together, we both needed each other. My first wife had passed away and she had been through a bad marriage and was recently divorced. Neither of us were looking or even thinking about being with someone else, but WHAM! We both had strong feelings and so much in common. We got married 2 and 1/2 months after meeting. It will be 15 years in September. She’s 13 years younger than me, woo hoo!! lol πŸ™‚ ❀

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      2. Sometimes you find the best things when you’re not looking. That’s how I found you! 😊❀️ it’s amazing you found love twice. I’m very happy for you!!

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      1. Ah! Do think about it, Walt.. Such a treat for readers and hopeful, inspiring, message for soulmates on the journey of love.. Wow. πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› All the best, my friend πŸ‘

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