The Storm

The sharp crack of lightning

Just before the rain

Makes the hair on the back of my neck

Stand up in fear

The raindrops quickly follow

Some as large as pie plates

That drench me in liquid sunshine

Caught up in a summer storm

That washes away the heat of the day

The raindrops are refreshing

They soothe and calm my sins

When the storm returns the rain begins

And I’ll run outside again

To let the rain wash over me

And make room for even more sin

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


32 thoughts on “The Storm

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      1. I had quite the school year and am looking forward to catching up and finding new writers (and music) now that summer break has begun. I still tend to not get very far reading before I’m inspired to go write again myself. I’m a maniac now after dipping once but fully into the inkwell. I’m trying to stay away from T.T. She gets me into too much trouble and is too needy.

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