A Poet’s Pain

The pain that I write through
Is constant and exhausting
Along with the medications
It wears me out

The pain comes in waves
Like swells on the ocean
It brings clarity of purpose
A point to focus on

It’s heard to write
When you’re always in pain
But we do it for ourselves
And we do it for you

The words that we write
Bring comfort to us
They make the pain bearable
They help see us through

So the next time you read
The words that we write
You might feel the pain
That we poets go through

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


28 thoughts on “A Poet’s Pain

Add yours

    1. Thank you Susan. I also was rejected from Morality Park. My style didn’t fit the collective. But it’s my style and who i am and all i know how to write. Life goes on and i gave myself the pep talk i once gave you. ☺❤

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      1. The last 10 rejections I got were because my writing didn’t fit the journal’s aesthetic, but I know (from experience) that there is a place for all of us and the most important thing is that we keep true to our writing voices. There are two places I have submitted to at least 15 times each and I always get rejected, but then there are the places that fit with the way I write. You write from a place of heart and truth Walt, and that is where good writing begins and resides. If you submitted to VV, they won’t let you know (unless you are on Twitter), so go back every week and see if they have posted your poem. Let me know when they have, please, so I can read it!!!!! Just keep writing! Sending love and hugs!

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  1. I am sorry to learn of your pain, Walt. It is very debilitating to live in pain all the time. I have a lot of back pain and sometimes it is really hard.

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  2. I’ve heard it said on a number of occasions Walt that pain and trouble shared is pain and trouble halved the more we can concentrate on reading and writing hopefully will also ease the pain. Chris.

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