The Nearness Of You

I’m not sure how
Or why
When you’re not here
I still feel
The nearness of you

You’re in my thoughts
And dreams
You come to me
In the early morning fog
That permeates my head

When I first wake up
You are the first image I have
When I drift off to sleep
I feel your presence

Always watching over me
Like a supernatural being
Staying just out of my view
But always there

You’re the soft kiss I feel
On the back of my neck
That’s been carried
By the breeze

You’re the melody in my head
The beating of my heart is you
Giving life to my every thought
And strength that carries me through

You are every hope
Every dream
Every fantasy
Every animalistic urge I have

All because of
The nearness of you

~The Tennessee Poet~

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


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