Lonesome Dreams

Lonesome dreams and useless schemes
The flutter of fireflies lights up the trail

I’m dreaming again of a lonesome world
On a road that seems to have no end

I try to wake up
But the dawn doesn’t come

The only sound I hear
Is the constant hum of a Verizon dial tone

The dream is leading me deep in the woods
I come to a clearing where a deer once stood

The stars are bright
But my mind is dull

Shake me
Wake me
Set me free

Or join me here
In my lonesome dreams

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


16 thoughts on “Lonesome Dreams

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  1. There is a heaviness to this, Walt, but not defeat. I agree with Wulf. There is something different in a lot of your recent poems. It is kind of magical to see how each others voices move and shift and change. It is like we are all in motion.

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