Waking Up In A Hospital

This is in response to a prompt to write about
waking up in a hospital

As I opened my eyes
The bright whiteness
Almost blinded me
Where was I?
What are all these tubes?
Who are these people?
And why are they crying?
What is that rhythmic beeping?

There’s a strong antiseptic smell
It’s overpowering
My wife leans over and kissed me
Your knee gave out and you fell’, she said
I couldn’t wake you up”

I smiled and closed my eyes
Drifting off to sleep
The last thing I heard was
The sweet melody of Amazing Grace
And the words, “Code Red! Code Red!”

And then there was nothing
Only a silent darkness

Somebody was shaking me
Wake up honey, you’re dreaming”

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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