My Funeral

This is in response to a prompt to write about
being at my own funeral

Here I am, celebrating my own death
They call it a Celebration Of Life
But here I am in this urn
Just me, my ashes

I wrote my own eulogy
I hope it makes people cry
After all, I’m dead
They should cry

I had a good life
A long life
But it’s over
Age caught up with me

I know I’ll be missed
And I’ll miss my wife
I hope she’ll be OK
She’s a strong woman

She’ll probably spread my ashes
Over the horse manure pile
In the back paddock
But I won’t care
They’re only ashes
And I’m dead

Well, the celebration is over
I’ll watch for you all in the afterlife
Thanks for coming

Watch for me on windy days
I’ll be blowing in the wind

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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