Cherished Treasures

The beauty of a rising sun
Which tells us that the night is done

A sunset tells us night has come
Thanking us for all we’ve done

A child’s smile, a lover’s kiss
A shooting star to make a wish

An evening walk along the beach
Children learning what we teach

The sound of rain on metal roofs
The galloping sounds of horses hooves

A thank you note, a compliment
Figuring out what a poem meant

The nicker of a horse at feeding time
Knowing that I’m yours and you are mine

The wagging tails of dogs we love
Angels watching over us from Heaven above

We’re all different yet we’re all the same
This is my poem, and you all know my name

What are your Cherished Treasures?

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


16 thoughts on “Cherished Treasures

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  1. Oh such a glorious poem, you made me smile on this gloomy day of mine, and now I’m thinking of all my cherished and treasured memories of Carole, it’s her birthday tomorrow, and when I go to visit her and take her flowers, I shall tell her about you, Walt, the wonderful man who’s words lifted my spirits.

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  2. As I said in Ivor’s sentimental post, I sometimes don’t know what to say when a poem hits my soul. And maybe that I’m just riding the vibration with you. Good job my friend.


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