A Writer In The Dark

I am a writer
A poet to be exact
Poetry is my craft
My words make you react

I am a writer in the dark
Where nothing feels like everything
Where who knows what tomorrow brings

My words can make you laugh or smile
My poems have no particular style
The dark brings me visions of what to write
They use the dark to stay hidden from sight

It often takes me through the night
For it must be perfect,it must be right
Only writers in the dark will know
When the words they write all start to glow

We give you love
We give you hope
We write our poems
To help you cope

When daylight comes my work is done
It’s time to rest and have some fun
I love to write but when I start
I am a writer in the dark

ยฉWalt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


33 thoughts on “A Writer In The Dark

Add yours

  1. Sublime!

    You know, this being Poetry Month, and all, I meant to sit down and pen a few (out of practice, save for the one I was challenged on). But, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I lack focus and discipline. As you so readily point out (“It often takes me through the night, For it must be perfect,it must be right”) poetry takes a dedication to the art that requires both. I learned that (again) in the one I wrote in March (or was that February?).

    Regardless, I appreciate your focus and dedication to the art, Walt. Your poems are a favorite of mine!

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  2. Your words always bring a bit of light to my day Walt.
    They make me think and reflect… and make a better me and a better day.
    You have a wonderful day Walt. ๐Ÿ™‚

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