The Girl In The Book

I fell in love the other day
With a girl in a book that came my way
I didn’t even know her name
But I knew I’d never be the same

She came to me on fairy wings
Singing songs of love and pretty things
We traveled through the lines of rhyme
I knew I’d love her for all time

We danced with fairies and spread our wings
She said she’d show me magical things
I fell in love with that girl in the book
I’d stay with her no matter what it took

She took my hand and led the way
Through woods and wonders with sunny days
I didn’t ask where she was taking me
I knew it was with her I wanted to be

And now I’m happy as can be
The girl in the book has married me
I’m now in the book, just her and me
Together forever is where we’ll be

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


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