Along The Way ~ A Journey Through Life

This was my second post on my blog on April 8, 2017. The first was a
welcome post. I thought my new followers would enjoy it.

“Life has a beginning and an end. Join me as we celebrate the journey along the way. Along the way we crawl, we walk,we run, we dance. We laugh, we cry, we win, we lose. We love, we hate, we tolerate, we celebrate. We stumble, we fall, we rise
to do it again. We learn, we remember, we forgive and forget. We make mistakes, we make amends. We sin, we pray, we say Amen.” ~Walt Page

So many things happen along the way in our lives. How we deal with them is the basis for our character. It defines us. It is who we are. How we deal with love, with loss, with rejection, with success helps mold us. Can we handle the pressures we face along the way? Can we handle the terrible people and events we run into along the way. Can we handle our mistakes? Can we forgive and forget those who have wronged or hurt us? Forgiving can be easy with time, but forgetting usually won’t happen.

As the years I have left in my life become fewer, I find myself remembering events that have happened to me along the way in my life. Some of those events bring a smile, some bring a tear, some bring a deep heartfelt desire to have done those events differently. I was raised with a freedom of choice to decide the direction of my life, with no pressure to be this or be that. I was taught that the measure of a man was how he treated others. I was taught to respect others beliefs and opinions. Along the way these lessons learned have guided me.

My travels along the way through life have been memorable. I am who I am because of my upbringing, the love and the losses that I have experienced and a lifetime of memories.

How has your journey been along the way through life?


24 thoughts on “Along The Way ~ A Journey Through Life

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  1. I’m really glad you republished this piece, so those that missed it the first time around could read it. In a hundred years the only thing that is going to matter is going to be the interactions we have had with other people. Friends, family, loved ones, and all people who have passed through our lives. Thanks for waving Walt as I pass by in yours. You’re a good man. 🙂

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