River Of Dreams

Join me on the river of dreams
Where words create such beautiful scenes
Where stories are written and poems are rhymed
Come sit by the river and spend some time

Stories of history, romance and love
Poems are carried on the wings of a dove
Haiku, Tanka, Sedoka and more
Poems all written in forms we adore

Images are created using only words
Created with phrases that need to be heard
Novels are written on the bank of this river
Stories that warm us, some makes us shiver

I come here often to craft my poems
The flowing water creates many forms
My mind fills with words that are ready to be heard
So I put pen to paper and write every word

Come sit with me by the river of dreams
Where my words come to life and wait to be seen
They are written with love and come from my heart
These words that I write are my form of art

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


16 thoughts on “River Of Dreams

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  1. The verses, the picture, the images – Oh my! You are such an artist, Walt! Intricate, profound and musical is the River of Dreams… Indeed a river of dreams!
    Congratulations on, and thank you for this ☺💛


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