The Songs Of The Night

I’ve always believed in the songs of the night and
have often used the phrase “night songs” in my
poetry. This poem was inspired by a line written
by my good friend Dorinda Duclos in her poem
#TBT~The Woodland Sing~#Poetry:
Melodies fly on the wisp of a cloud.”

There’s a place I like to go
In my dreams
A place where I listen
To the songs of the night

If you listen closely
You will hear them
Carried on the clouds
While caressed by soft breezes

Let your imagination run wild
As the melodies surround you
Lifting you to the clouds
As you drift along with the music

Melodies from old songs
Light the corners of your soul
As they carry you back
To years gone by

As I wake with the dawn
The melodies remain
And my songs of the night
Carry me through my day

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


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