#Sedoka: This Pain

When will this pain end?”
I said to myself today
Then fell to my knees to pray

Maybe God will help
If I ask Him this today
Please God, take this pain away”

©Walt Page 2018

30 thoughts on “#Sedoka: This Pain

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  1. To different people reading this they will interpret this poem in different ways because everyone has a particular pain of their own, you did a good job really!! :))

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  2. Did you get the knee replacement surgery?
    My brother-in-law who runs the ranch with my sister played college football.
    By his late 60’s both knees were shot and he was in constant pain.
    Got both knees replaced.
    Now at 70, he’s one of primary people building those steel fences.
    Like a man half his age.
    World of difference.
    Hope your weekend is going well Walt.

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      1. Despite each day’s trouble, we sleep with hope for the next day… “Maybe God will help” this time, maybe God will hear and answer… You’ve tapped into something great here Walt! Thanks to You! 💛

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