The Loneliness Of The Lonely

What is it like to feel lonely?
To be lonely?
To feel lost… alone… unwanted?
You may think you know
But you don’t

How can you be surrounded by people
Yet nobody sees you
Talks to you… smiles at you…

How can anyone live like this?
Why even go on living this way?

I’ve found so many lonely souls here
Searching for answers
Wanting someone to talk to
Someone to listen to their pain
Someone to help

I’ve tried to help
But I can’t do it alone

Will you be their answer?
Their saving grace?
Will you step up and help them?
Lead them out of their loneliness?

Or will you turn your back
And walk away?

It’s so easy to help
Just listen to them
Talk with them
Be a friend

Be the difference in their life
Just be there

Make it happen
Do it now!

Β©Walt Page 2018

26 thoughts on “The Loneliness Of The Lonely

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  1. I love the fact that you do this… everyday, reaching out and giving so much to everyone around you. Wish there were more people in this world like you. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Communication is a great healer Walt even if it is a like, hello, or if need be an in depth discussion this is a great forum for those feeling down to speak with someone through the written word. may I say you nailed it.

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  3. I think when you’ve felt loneliness and sadness and you see it in another it’s near impossible to look the other way. Good on you for spreading an important message through your poetry. 😍🌹

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