Be Free

Set yourself free
Leap with the dolphins
Fly with the eagles
Soar with the doves
Run with the horses

Find the love inside you
Embrace it
Let it set you free

Feel the presence of love
Spread your wings
And fly

It’s never too late

You can still be free

©Walt Page 2018


22 thoughts on “Be Free

Add yours

      1. Off and on. I’ve been having a lot of fibro symptoms lately, but thankfully they haven’t been so severe to take me down. I’ve been babysitting my niece a few days a week. She tires me out, but I absolutely adore her, and I am thankful I get to spend so much time with her. It’s amazing watching children grow. ❤ How are you, Walt?

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      2. I’m still breathing and writing. Trying to cope with my constant back and let pain. But life is good, albeit more of a struggle the older I get. My writing keeps me from giving up. Our middle son and his wife had their 2 nd son two weeks ago… Grandson number 3 💛 Our grandson Cayden in Idaho turns 3 April 1st. We’ve yet to see him 😢 But our other 2 are now here in TN, only a couple hours away ☺💛. Thanks for asking and caring 💛

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