Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid


Hurtful words

Spoken in anger
poken in haste
Spoken in sarcasm
Words that weren’t meant

When these words have been spoken
The damage has already been done
These words can be forgiven
But they will never be forgotten

Before you speak, remember this…

Some things are better
Left unsaid

ยฉWalt Page 2018


40 thoughts on “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid

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  1. I always come away from your writing within something I can reflect upon throughout the day. When I think about myself, I know this is an area I could do better. Thank you for a little “human” guidance and your wisdom Walt.

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  2. Your simple words are like truth from the very scriptures! ๐Ÿ‘ผ I can’t count the number of instances words have pained me, broken me and shattered my confidence… Some things are indeed better left unsaid. Anyone with the power of speech should exercise the responsibility of controlling it.

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  3. I would never, could never be intentionally hurtful. Period. I have had my sarcasm and not-well-thought-out funny and weird defense-mechanism acts hurtfully misread before though. Recalling makes my heart bleed: I am very hard on myself. I’ve been the recipient of verbal abuse, but I don’t take it to heart because they are spoken by mentally unstable people who are permanent in my life. I say “you can’t talk to me that way” and all but it’s futile with adults. I am normally a mega, sincere compliment giver (which can also backfire because many are not comfortable with that). So much to think about from your wise words…

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