The way she writes…

A collaboration with Michelle at her writing

Her Writing Haven

writerBloodthirsty and blazing
Is the way she writes
Scribbling away in her pajamas
She’ll give you a fright

Her daughters decide
Who lives, who dies
While she dreams of romance
Lost in wishes and sighs

If you end up as a character
In one of her posts
You’ll either be gratified
Or turned into a ghost

So if she notices you
And becomes engrossed
Run for your life
Before you are toast

Or take your chance
To be indulged in the end
With her you never know
What surprises she’ll pen

Written by, Walt Page and Michelle Cook

*All italicized words are written by Walt.

Thanks Walt, for giving me this opportunity to add my own twist to your words.  This was so much fun for me.  ❤️

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23 thoughts on “The way she writes…

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  1. Wonderful collaboration!

    I love the mental image this part conjures:
    “Her daughters decide
    Who lives, who dies”

    I can just see her daughters elbow propping by her computer as she’s typing and telling her, “This character and that character needs to die, but don’t kill that character.” 🙂

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