Thoughts And Memories

Everywhere I look
To the left, to the right
In front or in back
You are there
Smiling at me
Like only you can

I am filled
With thoughts of you

Renewing our vows
At the top of Whiteface Mountain
The wonder in your face
As we rode the chairlift to the top

Your childlike radiance
As you watched Cirque Du Soleil
Perform La Nouba

Hearing your nervous laugh
The first time we sat in a hot tub together

Watching you play
The new Martin guitar I bought you
As you sang songs you had written

Riding horses together
Through the woods and the fields

So many memories
Flooding my mind
Happy and sad times
Through the last 15 years

Falling in love with each other
Over and over
Together forever
For thousands of years

In so many lifetimes
We have found each other
Again and again

Our love is eternal
And the flame still burns
Β©Walt Page 2018


32 thoughts on “Thoughts And Memories

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  1. What a stunning couple and the view aint all that bad either, perhaps one day we can have a recorded version of one of those songs, a Martin guitar Walt, in every respect you have great taste that includes the writing also. Chris.

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    1. The photo was taken at the top of Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondack Mountains in New York. We were in our honeymoon. It overlooks both Lake Placid, home of the 1980 Winter Olympics, and Mirror Lake. I lived in the Adirondacks for 15 years after I served my time in the Air Force.

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  2. Hi Walt hope you don’t mind a second reply, your written word prompted me to refer to a piece written by the poet Ted Hughes. “Once I got to know her and read her poems, I saw straight off that she was a genius of some kind. Quite suddenly we were completely committed to each other and to each others writing… I see now that when we met, my writing, like hers, left its old path and started to circle and search. To me, of course, she was not only herself: she was America and American literature in person.

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