Walking Through My Memories

As I grow older I look back on my life
Memories of younger days that make me smile
Piano lessons, trying a trumpet, didn’t work for me
Finally the drums and I knew what I’d be

Playing in bands, high school and college
Rock and roll bands and big bands too
Marching bands and symphony orchestras
Keeping the beat became what I do

A Missile Combat Crew Commander at age 22
In a band in North Dakota called the Zodiac Zoo
Playing Hendrix and Cream to relieve the stress
Of knowing I controlled 10 nuclear missiles

I served my country and did what I needed to do
Days of glory, music and love
ost our first baby while I was on alert
It was a boy, we were filled with hurt

A few years later God gave us a son
I was working at a tourist attraction, Ausable Chasm
Playing in a band called “The Now & Thens”
Writing songs and rocking weekends at the Friendly Tavern

After vacations in Florida it became clear
I’d been sprinkled with pixie dust
So we packed up and moved
Kissimmee, Florida – home of the Mouse

Started working at EPCOT
A tour guide on the Land boat ride
World of Motion and others
But soon found I couldn’t earn enough

Ended up in hotel and resort management
Did really well
Became a resort General Manager
Until the BIG HURT

Lost my first wife too early
Pulmonary fibrosis they said
The only thing I knew
Was that she was dead

One door had closed, but another door opened
Now I’m remarried and retired in Tennessee
My life has been filled with its ups and downs
But I’m still here and I’m sticking around

©Walt Page 2018

41 thoughts on “Walking Through My Memories

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  1. your piece about your life was definitely honest and from the heart and i respect that. i admire and am in awe about all your experiences. also….I’m sorry but I cannot help but get really excited when you mentioned Epcot. that is one of my favorite places in the entire world and not just Disney, epcot especially. many untainted memories with my brother and my childhood. idk. maybe i’m weird. haha.

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  2. I loved the way you walked us through turning points in your life in a poem. It made me start to wonder if I were to do the same with my own life so far, how would it sound? I noticed you clicked “like” on one of my blog comments somewhere in cyberspace so I came over to check out your blog. I’m so glad I did. I’m a new follower.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can always count on you for making my day! Thank you Kayla ☺ Another friend here told me two days ago that I should write a book on romance. Phew… Dealing with my own demons now about writing a book.


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