What The Hell?

Sometimes in life there are moments
When all we can say is
What the hell?”

It’s a simple phrase
With many different uses
And perfect times to say it

What the hell do I do now?”
I don’t know what the hell to do”
What the hell is wrong with you?”

Teens are posting videos of themselves
Putting laundry detergent pods in their mouth

Bloggers are putting no information
On their About page

Bloggers comment on my posts
And then brazenly ask me to follow them

Walmart raises starting pay
Then closes 63 Sam’s Clubs

A middle school teacher in Louisiana
Is handcuffed and arrested for questioning the superintendent’s raise

The minister of World Changers Church in Atlanta
Is asking for $60 million to buy a private Gulfstream jet

More and more men are facing
Allegations of sexual misconduct

The flu vaccine is only 30% effective
Why can’t you get it right CDC?

President Trump brags about
The size of his nuclear button

Trump calls Haiti, El Salvador
And African countries “shithole countries”

I’m tired of it all
So I’m just throwing my hands up and saying
What the hell?”
What the hell?”


©Walt Page 2018


12 thoughts on “What The Hell?

Add yours

  1. I hear you. It’s like we are living in a bad movie, a comical spoof about a bleak future… but it’s real!!! So, we have to do the best we can to put a dent in the “crazy.” (Screaming in silence!) 🙂


  2. And most importantly, people are actually least bothered of what and where Hell actually is and what it actually means to go to Hell. Everyone feels what they do, what they say is right even if it is cheating, being unkind, jealous or speaking bad words. If people could have actually realized the meaning heaven and hell, this world would have been a different world.

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