the chipping of the amethyst heart

A wonderful story by my friend Forrest.

Written in Blue Mercury


when I was too young to be little

my Grandmother gave me an amethyst heart

she told me it came a very long way

from across the ocean to be with me

from a single large amethyst crystal it had been carved

intricately with many facets reflecting purple light

in the overall shape of a heart too big

for a child’s hand to hold

so I held it carefully with both hands

she would tell me stories

of why the heart had been carved

stories of those who had owned it

stories of the lives it had seen

in its lifetime as a jewel

stories that brought it all the way

to her so she could give it to me

I kept it wrapped in a handkerchief in my cigar box

of treasures in the top drawer of my dresser

I would look at it often holding it with two…

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