‘Twas The Night Of The Spirits

Goblins and ghosts, raptors and queens
A night full of wonder, a night filled with screams
Cemetery headstones rattle and shake
Bats fly low seeking victims to take

Children in costumes yell “Trick or Treat”
It’s candy they seek, chewy and sweet
It’s a mother’s nightmare, a dentist’s delight
But the children are happy, it’s been a good night

As the darkness grows darker the moon disappears
The children can sense that evil is near
The Halloween legends add to their fear
Michael Myers is dead but he used to live here

Porch lights have been turned off, shades have been drawn
The last of the trick and treaters have gone
The ghosts and the goblins played until dawn
But the sun has now risen and they too are gone

‘Twas the night of the spirits
We call Halloween

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

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