Walk With Me

Walk with me
Through the images created in my mind
Help me choose the words
That may or may not rhyme

Feel the pain that has become
My reality
Walk with me
Help the words come more easily

Walk with me
Whisper words of passion in my ear
Tell me that writing
Is why I am here

So many things
That I’m trying to say
So many fears
That get in the way

The world of a writer
Can be lonely and cold
But it also can be
A world to behold

The words that I write
Aren’t phony, they’re real
So walk with me now
And feel what I feel

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

8 thoughts on “Walk With Me

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      1. My pleasure Walt, I’m not sure what part of America you’re in, but I’ll be heading to America, Philadelphia, area, hopefully next year. Would love to catch up Walt.


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