Medical Expenses

I am having total knee replacement of my right knee on Tuesday, September 26, 2017. The surgeon has told me that it will require a hospital stay of 2-3 days. Medicare will cover only 80% of the costs and my Blue Cross supplemental Advantage Plan requires copays of $300 per day for the hospital stay and $325 for the surgery. Each follow up with the orthopedic surgeon is a $40 copay. Β The recovery period for this surgery at my age is 6-8 weeks.

The surgeon has also informed me that I will need 6 weeks of physical therapy, 2-3 times per week. My copay for each physical therapy visit will be $40, which amounts to $$80-$120 per week for 6 weeks which will amount to $480-$720 total. My wife Susan is taking family medical leave for 5 weeks and 3 weeks of that will be unpaid leave, which amounts to almost $1000 in lost wages.Β I am still paying for my open heart surgery last year, with a balance of $1060.

Susan and I really need help to cover all of these expenses and any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much!


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  1. I wish that we could help you, dear friend, but we face the same difficulties. My daughter also has a Go fund me page. I pray recovery is quick and you’re good as new in no time! β€οΈπŸ™


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    This is my dear friend Walt and he could really use your help right now with some of his medical expenses. I’m sure all of us can forgo at least a cup of coffee this week and donate $5. What do you think? Let’s see how many of us can join together and help him meet his goal. He’s only got 3 people who have helped him so far, and I think we can certainly beat that! πŸ˜‰

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  3. I’m late making rounds…

    Walt, I had to have right hip replacement surgery back in February, so I definitely understand your plight. I will do what can, and also send you love and good vibes. ❀

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  4. Oh Walt, I do so understand, and know about the financial burdens of surgery and hospital visits, me and Carole went through 30 years of incredible financial hardship during her illness, and myself having a stroke, and suffering two broken ankles, just as well I didn’t have a third ankle, I probably would’ve broken that one too the way things were going…. It’s not easy my friend, so hope your all your friends are able to support you.

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