Solitary Road

I walk alone
Along this solitary road

Memories tucked safely away
In a corner of my mind

The days are filled with fog
The mists of remembering

I shiver with the dampness
And walk further along
My solitary road

The path I walk
Is of my own choosing
To be alone was the only choice

My journey nears an end
My days grow short

The peace that I seek
Eludes me now
I have only this solitary road

The blue-green waves of the sea
Welcome me home
The ocean calls my spirit

 I have reached the end
Of my solitary road

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


13 thoughts on “Solitary Road

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  1. Lilly, I am honored that you think enough of me to nominate me for this award and I am truly humbled. After my first couple of nominations I decided to make my blog award free so I could concentrate on my writing. I feel like I have disappointed you and I apologize. I hope you understand 🙂 💜


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