Here I am… drifting
Floating along on the clouds
Watching the world below passing slowly by
As I again ride the moments of the day

I’m carried away on the tides of time
Drifting with the wind and the waves
Not caring where I’m going
As long as it leads me to you

Drifting along, alone with my thoughts
Filled with memories of the love we share
Carried away by the words I write
Words that are written for you

Come take my hand and read them with me
I’ll show you more pleasures than you’ve ever known
As we’re drifting along the canyons of my mind
A poet’s mind, filled with verses and rhyme

I’ve so many words that drift through my head
So many words that need to be said

And I am drifting

Copyright ยฉ 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


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