Sometimes I Wonder Why I Write

Have you ever wondered why you write? Have you ever reached a point where you were ready to give up? To quit? To delete everything you’ve written?

I often wonder why I write. I wonder if I’m good enough. Smart enough. Funny enough. Passionate enough. Committed enough. What if nobody reads what I write? What if, what if, what if?

I’ve followed other writers. Joined writer’s groups and subscribed to newsletters. Attended webinars and listened to endless sales pitches. All they do is make me wonder even more why I write.

“Experts” tell me that I need to write at least 90 minutes everyday. To find my niche, identify my expertise, pick a platform, ask five friends to describe me, ask people what they want. Create a website, pick an email service provider and on and on and on.

More “experts” ask me what my platform personality is, why I write, what kind of writing I want to do, and what do I hope to get out of writing. Everyone seems to give me different advice, ideas of what I could give people to subscribe to me email list, and how much I should charge for an article.

None of these have helped me answer my reason for writing. In fact, it has confused me even more. I keep searching, asking myself “Why do I write?” Why? Why? Why put myself through this? Why am I doing this?

I recently read an article by Shirley Lee called “Writing Is…”. She writes daily in 100 Naked Words on Medium and has become one of my favorite writers. Why? Because she makes me wonder. She makes me question. She makes me want to write. I’ve learned that it’s OK to wonder and question.

Even though I will probably always wonder why I write, I AM A WRITER. I am a Creator, a Poet, an Artist that paints with words and a Musician. They are all inside me, waiting to be put into words. I AM ME. I write for myself. Writing makes me happy, makes me feel alive, keeps me young and keeps my mind active. I write because I am a writer.

Who I am, why I write and how I write will never depend on the judgments or approvals of others. I am, and always will be, a work in progress. I write for myself and not what I think people want to read.

And so, even though I still wonder sometimes why I write, I have made my decision. I AM good enough. I DO have talent. I AM smart enough.

So I do it. I write. I AM A WRITER.

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4 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder Why I Write

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  1. Sorry i didn’t complete that. I meant to say the way Shirley has become a favourite to you, in the same way your writing has become a favourite of mine. You are an inspiration to me and many others. Thank you for writing. 😄

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